WATGREEN - Cycling at UW
Andrea Russell, Rachel Houlihan, Mignon Dunning, David Ewing, Jason Whitfield
Fall, 1997

WATGreen - Micro-commuting on Campus
Lori Murray, Jamie Russell, Joe Saunders, Dulce Da Silva, Iain Peck, Phil Bosco
Winter, 1997

Automobile Emissions, Individual Health and the Environment
January 25, 1999

Smog in Canada
January 25, 1999

WATGreen Transportation System Study
Helen Daniels, Elisabeth Jorritsma, Yvonne Leicht
Winter, 1991

ENJOYING RESEARCH? A how to Manual on Needs Assessment
Diane Abbey- Livingston and David S. Abbey.
1982, for the Recreation Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation.