Throughout this study we considered various ways in which the system could be improved.  We feel that although many of these recommendations are feasible they cannot be implemented without long term consideration.  We were aware of this throughout the project and it was taken into consideration while developing our recommendations.

? Increase parking fees as a disincentive to drivers.  As shown in our results, 43% of the drivers surveyed said that they would not drive to school if parking prices were doubled.  This is a significant number of people and would drastically reduced vehicles on campus.

? The university should find a way of promoting and rewarding carpooling.

? The university should seriously consider implementing a shuttle system for students who live close to campus.  This system could run along various major intersections, for example, King, Columbia, Westmount and Erb St.ís as the majority of people who were surveyed live in these areas.

? Kitchener Transit should consider improving their system particularly in the areas of cheaper fares and more frequent buses.  We feel that this would increase the usage of the transit system and discourage people from using personal car-based transportation

? Implement a safety seminar into Frosh Week so that students are aware of all safety measures taken on their behalf.  For example, tell them of the surveillance cameras in the tunnels, the help lines, walksafe, the safety van, etc.  This would also help to dispel misconceptions of safety on campus.

? Study the feasibility of implementing bike lanes into the current road structure.

? This study should be conducted in the Spring term when the weather is not as intense or extreme.  This alone can skew the results greatly compared to a winter study.

? Place more help-lines, especially near the CLT intersection.

? Have the Safety Van running at more frequent times.

? Because the safety van is expensive to run, we concluded that a shuttle system of new vans might be too costly.  A possibility is to use vehicles that are no being used by the campus fleet instead of buying them new and this would cut down costs and make it easier to implement a shuttle system.