The results of this study indicate that peoplesí attitudes need to be changed in regards to driving if sustainability is to be achieved (via a walk-in campus).  Earlier studies were looked at when we investigated transportation issues and it is apparent that there has not been much change in conceptions towards driving.

Presently people are almost encouraged to drive cars because of the abundance of parking availability and the low parking fees. The university must take initiatives to encourage people to use other modes of transportation.

Many of the problems that we have identified through our report have roots in our consumer society.  A more sustainable system is needed to improve the quality of our lives and for future generations.  We recognize that change is a slow-moving process and cannot be achieved contiguously.  However, there still persist to be incessant transportation related problems on campus and the University of Waterloo should continue to take steps towards developing a greener campus in lieu of our suggestions.
We would encourage the authorities to seriously consider our recommendations that we have drawn from this project.