It has been decided among the group that the environmental implications of the current UW system of driving and parking on campus, safety issues, and alternatives will be looked into. It is strongly felt that safety issues need to be addressed as we feel that that is a major reason why people, especially females, drive to campus. We feel that looking into what other universities have done is critical so as to be able to see what alternatives are feasible.

 The current UW situation is that the campus has several parking lots, with a total of 6000, with 5710 active parking permits for the various parking lots on campus (Elaine Koolstra, Manager of Parking Services).

 If the university accomplishes its goal of a walk-in campus, there would be fewer people driving to campus and the need for parking spaces would be reduced. These parking spaces could then be used for building expansion or preferably rehabilitated into parkland. This will help to satisfy the vision of sustainability by reducing the need for fossil fuels and by reducing the amount of harmful emissions, therefore reducing the amount of pollution.