Currently, the U of W system of transportation is dominated by the use of automobiles, whether it be the campus fleet, personal cars or public transit.

 There are several factors that influence the method of transportation used. Some of these factors include convenience, distance, weather, accessibility, and time. These factors are further influenced by conditions such as: safety issues, parking space and price, environmental implications, social status, accidents, and police enforcement.

 Due to the number of parking spaces on campus and the low cost that is associated with parking, the current system is set up in such a fashion, that this system appears to encourage those who can afford to drive to do so. As well because of the social framework that we, as a society have set up, those who do not need to drive do so anyway, as driving to campus is seen as a status symbol. A classic example of this is in the 1997 ERS 285 transportation project on micro-commuting. Findings from this project indicated that a number of students in residence drove to other parking lots on campus