Recycling at Athletic Events

by: Sophie Deslauriers, Jeff Rendell, John Kublinskas, Sarah Langendoen, Sue Hart

Course: ERS 285, Winter 1997
Professor: James Kay


Responsible management of today's resources, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, was our working defintion of sustainablility this term. Sustainability on campus has several components: energy, water, waste, landscape, and transportation. The component that our group focused on is recyclable waste. The University of Waterloo Waste Management web site states that the University of Waterloo has reduced solid waste by 35% from 1987 to 1995. We thought it possible to further reduce the amount of recyclable waste being thrown out. This could easily be accomplished by setting up the structure to allow for recycling boxes for glass and aluminum to be placed at athletic events occurring at the Physical Activities Complex.

In 1981, the City of Kitchener (located in the Region of Waterloo), began a pilot blue box recycling program. Today, approximately 90% of the Region of Waterloo's single family households and 85% of apartments and townhouses are now participating in the recycling program. Recycling is not the overall answer, but combined with reusing, replacing and reducing, it helps create a more sustainable environment. With these preceding points in mind our philosophy is that when one can recycle, one must.

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Last updated: May 13, 1997