An Audit of Fine Arts

by: Brett Kilgour, Vicki Zablocki, Alicia Torres, Bryanne Tait, Mark Watters

Course: ERS 285, Winter 1997
Professor: James Kay


In recent decades, there has been a growing awareness of the state of our planets health. This awareness and/or concern has come from both the public and private sectors. Responding to this concern, the possibility of change may only occur, if we are forced to realize that the outcomes of our actions ultimately shape the environment in which we live. Regardless, we cannot compromise our worlds environment any longer. Almost every action an individual takes within the course of a day is completed with the aid or at the expense of our environment. --THINK -- you cannot even breathe without the help of nature. Why then, do we place the environment last in many of the decisions we make? In requirments of completing our environmental resource studies degree, at the University of Waterloo, we must take the course (ERS285) "Greening the Campus". In this course, groups are formed and are instructed to choose a system relating to the environment. Our group decided to look at the department of Fine Arts on campus, and how awareness of environmental practices differ from university policy. We felt that looking at this issue might help us learn about the environmental system at the university, and the extent of change that students could pose on such a topic.

This project is available for viewing by the UW community.

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Last updated: May 13, 1997