Micro-commuting on Campus

by: Lori Murray, Jamie Russell, Joe Saunders, Dulce Da Silva, Iain Peck, Phil Bosco

Course: ERS 285, Winter 1997
Professor: James Kay


On the campus of the University of Waterloo (UW), we are observing the worldwide trend of reliance on the motor vehicle instead of the more environmentally friendly, and thus more sustainable practices of walking and bicycling. Our group has identified this continuing reliance on motor vehicles on campus as possibly being excessive. In fact, the number of faculty and staff on campus has declined in recent years. The number of students on-campus has also seen a slight decline as well. Despite these trends, there has been a need to expand the number of parking lots on campus to meet the increase in the number of cars on campus. We have devised a study based on the rationale that this reliance on motor vehicles can be reduced in order to sustain, and enhance, the campus ecology. Our group has investigated a concern that was raised by security and parking personnel with regard to the number of students who reside in the on-campus residences, drive to class and park in central-campus parking lots.

This project is available for viewing by the UW community.

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Last updated: May 13, 1997