Stage 4 Implementation study: Greening the University of Waterloo undergraduate calendar.

by: Ken Mclean, Bob Imre, Greg Thomas

Course: ERS 291, 1990
Supervisor: George Priddle


About 30,000 undergraduate calendars are produced on campus each year at a cost of $60,000. This group sought to reduce the resource used in producing the calendar and the waste produced by their disposal. They focused on the production of an electronic calendar. Initially, this would consist of a text copy of the calendar on some of the mainframe hosts on campus (CMS, etc.) and a diskette version. Ultimately, they would like to see the calendar stored as an electronic database which could be searched by topics, instructors, terms, subject, etc. This database would go hand in hand with an electronic registration system which would allow students to sit down at a computer terminal anywhere on campus to register for courses. Not only will an electronic calendar save resources and waste, but money as well.

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