Herbicide use at the University of Waterloo: practices, attitudes and perceptions

by: Calvin Tripp and Stephen Keith

Course: ERS 285, 1992
Supervisor: James Kay


In 1992 students examined the use of herbicides on campus. Campus is sprayed once a year in late August with 2,4-D and with Roundup when necessary. The cost is about $100/acre/year. A survey of students revealed that almost 90% of students thought the campus was sprayed much more than it is, with a suprising number thinking that spraying occurs 10 times or more a year. 48% of students were against chemical lawn spraying with 47% neutral with only 5% supporting the practice. 66% were concerned about human health effects and 78% were concerned about environmental impacts of chemical lawn spraying. 62% of students would like to see alternate landscapes on campus with 24% being neutral on the subject. This study highlights the need for education of the public with repect to these issues.

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