Feasibility study of composting at St. Jerome's and St. Paul's colleges

by: S. Lyle Arsenault, Tracy Berglind, Derek Berkout, Marc Johnson, Rosanne Karith, Alexandra McManus

Course: ERS 285, 1992
Supervisor: James Kay


An audit of St.Paul's and St. Jerome's Colleges' residence cafeterias was undertaken in Fall 1992. The audit monitored weight and volume of compostable food waste at each mealtime for 3 weeks. 12,000 meals were served during the study and 1666 liters of compostable waste was produced or 0.14 L /meal served. The two college cafeteria's are run independantly and data was collected independantly, yet the value of 0.14 L / meal served was found for both colleges. There was little correlation found between the volume and weight of compostable waste. In both cases there was a much larger volume produced at the beginning of each week as versus the end. Student, staff and administration response to composting was very positive. The staff noted that it was important for students to seperate the food waste as this taught them about composting and about the amount of food they waste.

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