Village II Waste Audit and Survey

Jason Tower, Antonella Menzella, Alisha Townsend, Connie Ho, Dan Jose, Lori Tuckwell, Jen Parker,

Course: ERS 285, 1994
Supervisor: James Kay


Quantitative and qualitative data was collected in the waste audit of the Village Two cafeteria. The quantitative and qualitative data consisted of the weight of waste for each criteria, compostable, non-compostable and other, generated per person per meal for each sampled day. Quantitative data was collected in the peak hour of the Village Two Cafeteria. Fifteen sets of data was collected. The weights of waste for each of the three categories was collected for each meal on each sampled day as the raw data indicates. The surveys completed by 200 Villagers in Village Two were also utilized for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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