Building Performance Analysis of Modern Languages: A Pilot Study.

by: Douglas Petican, Dave Lawrie, Scott Henderson, Heidi Freiheit, Dan McCarthy

Course: ERS 285, 1994
Supervisor: James Kay


The purpose of this study was to develop a framework within which the performance of the campus buildings can be evaluated for the quality of their physical working environment and to conduct a pilot study using the Modern Languages Building (ML) as a test of this framework. Classroom and office space were examined. As a part of this study, ergonomics, indoor air quality, thermal quality, and lighting were considered. A variety of physical measurements were made and a survey to determine people's perception of the indoor environmental quality were administered.

An important finding of these students is that there is inadequate ventilation in the building which results in levels of C02 which are above maximum recommended levels, even at the beginning of classes. Also lighting levels were questionable and this raises the question of whether or not too much delamping has taken place in the building.

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