Stormwater Usage system for the new ESE building.

by: Jennie Durley, Jason King, Sharon Nowlan, & Natalie Wood

Course: ERS 285, 1995
Supervisor: James Kay


The new building, the future Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE building), scheduled to open in 1998, has provided an opportunity for a WATGreen team to initiate the study of a rain water system for the building. The proposed rain water system would involve using rainfall that would otherwise be collected as surface runoff. With a rain water system, 'free' rainwater would instead be stored in a rain water storage or retention tank and then used for flushing toilets, which does not necessitate the use of clean chemically treated water. The use of a rain water system on the University of Waterloo campus not only promotes water conservation, but it also promotes an aspect of sustainable development of such an irreplaceable resource.

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