Riparian Buffer Design Study for Safety, Aesthetics, and Sustainability.

by: J. Bywater, B. Campbell, S. Cohoon, T. Delmatto, M. Gurr

Course: ERS 285, 1995
Supervisor: James Kay


This project aims to meld the ecological aspects of riparian management with the University communities perceptions of the personal safety hazard and visual attractiveness of differing types of riparian vegetation. To evaluate these perceptions we conducted several focused group sessions in which participants were shown slides of various locations of riparian zone on campus. The students were then asked to complete a survey associated with each slide which ranked their response to a series of questions. The data was tabulated and is discussed within this report. From the data collected we were able to formulate a series of recommendations on the future management of the riparian zone on the University of Waterloo campus.

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