Energy and the ESE building.

by: S. Ahlberg, A. Fraser, K. Leetham, C. Fitzgerald

Course: ERS 285, 1995
Supervisor: James Kay


The goal is to collect data on energy consumption in order to make a proposal to the planning committee regarding the new Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering. Our group feels it necessary to research and take advantage of any energy efficient options that will not only save money, but will take UW further down the road to sustainability. As a responsible institution of the 1990's, the University of Waterloo should be fully aware of the alternatives to conventional building design standards. Aside from the ASHRAE/ IES 90.1, the BEPAC criteria to be passed in 1995 as well as the C-2000 Advanced Commercial Buildings Program should be recognized and incorporated into the planning and design of the CESE . With government funding limited to initial construction, it would be to the University's advantage to minimize operating costs in terms of monetary and environmental criteria. In this way we feel that sustainability will be promoted.

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