The Disposal of Chemicals in UW Chemistry Labs

Craig Hawthorne, Paula Nieman, Kathleen Ryan, Lesli Rynyk

Course: ERS 285, 1995
Supervisor: James Kay


These students set out to determine whether chemicals are being disposed of down the drain in University Science labs, and if so, why?


1. Determine the actors involved in the use and disposal of chemicals on campus and their respective roles.

2. Conduct interviews with actors involved to obtain background information, and different perspectives on chemical disposal.

3. Observe undergraduate and graduate labs in progress to assess chemical disposal infrastructure and techniques used by students during their experiments. As well, observe the presence or absence of instructional signs explaining proper chemical disposal techniques.

4. Undertake a survey of undergraduate students taking Biology and Chemistry courses to determine their techniques for chemical disposal, their level of awareness of existing chemical disposal practices and their concern for the water system.

The results of this report are discussed at length in the minutes of the 6-12-95 meeting of the WATgreen committe.

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