An Analysis of the Austrian Pines on UW Campus

by: D. Campeau, B. McIntosh, S. Ross, I. Taylor

Course: ERS 285, 1996
Supervisor: Jim Robinson


This report is a comprehensive study and evaluation of the Austrian pine tree species on the University of Waterloo Campus. The immediate objective of the study is to provide a detailed documentation of the quantity, location, and health of the Austrian pines in the study area.

The following report contains an extensive discussion of the system being studied, background information on the species, plant operation practices, as well as a detailed description of the fungal disease Diplodia blight which is affecting the health of the Austrian pine. The value of trees to the campus ecosystem and sustainability is also outlined in the report. The results of the inventory are presented and discussed in terms of the number of specimens in the study area and the percentage of healthy and unhealthy trees.

Based on the results obtained from the campus inventory of this particular species it has been concluded that approximately 35 percent of the trees are currently infected by this disease. It is also concluded that there is 478 members of this species in the study area. This indicates that the area lacks variety or a diversified vegetative tree landscape.

Drawing from the conclusions obtained from the inventory has lead to the development of a number of recommendations which are discussed in detail at the end of this report.

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