Moving Towards Community

by: Anna Marie Cipriani, Beckie Lee Jas, Jennie Kreuger, Lindsey Pippard, Bonny Tam

Course: ERS 285, 1996
Professor: Jim Robinson


The goal of this project is to compile existing data regarding community and to explore what community is and determine its elements. Also, a check-list for elements of community identification is developed. It is the intention of this project that this check-list will be of use for individuas interested in identifying their level of community and improving their existing community.

Community is explored through primarily a literature review and synthesis of the following topics: Philosophical, Political, and Socio-Economic Perspectives including Deep Ecology, Communitarianism, Bioregionalism, Healthy Communities Initiatives, and the Ecosystem Approach.

A systems diagram is proposed relating community to sustainability through an integration of the aforementioned topics of research. Through these concepts both ideas and actions are clearly linked in a shift towards community initiatives of sustainability.

The check-list incorporates specific examples of how Deep Ecology, Communitarianism, Bioregionalism, Healthy Communities Initiative, and the Ecosystem Approach can be integrated into ideas and actions at the University of Waterloo in particular. In general, the check-list points can be incorporated into any community.

Insufficient research has been done in the realm of understanding and analysing community and therefore a systems analysis could not be conducted at this time. In light of this, several recommendations for further reasearch are suggested.

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Last updated: 29 May, 1996