Recycling Education at the University of Waterloo

by: P. Casciato, M. McCormick, A. Powell

Course: ERS 285, 1996
Supervisor: George Priddle


The aim of this project is to increase the efficiency of the recycling systems at the University of Waterloo through the use of specifically targeted education. We are working on the assumption that many of the individuals coming to the university are from outside the Region of Waterloo, and thus are unaware of the recycling practices of the region. Through observations within the Davis and Campus Centre food courts we concluded that recycling on campus was functioning well, thus our efforts were targeted at the Village residences.

Interviews were conducted with a number of individuals who knew the current university and residence recycling systems. They were able to help us target our educational material in the most effective areas. The final product of this study was to produce an information kit which will be provided to all dons within the Village residences, it will contain information on both the university and regional recycling systems, as well as posters which can be put up within the houses. The original plan was to also post regional recycling posters within each room, but due to Village policy this was not possible. Instead, the posters will be provided to the dons in September, 1996 for distribution and posting.

A number of recommendations were made to improve the residence recycling systems: blue boxes in rooms, centralized depots, education of housemothers and the establishment of a recycling coordinator. There is a lot of work being done throughout the university to educate students, staff and faculty on recycling matters, but when it comes to residences there is often little cooperation. Thus, many times when signs are provided for posting there are never put up. It is important that recycling become a priority for all individuals in residence.

This project is available for viewing by the UW community.

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Last updated: September 30, 1996