Gazette Waste Audit

by: Denise Choi Gabrielle Ng Jeffrey Pfohl Steve Thompson

Course: ERS 285, 1997
Supervisor: Paul Kay


The Gazette is an internal publication of the University of Waterloo, which provides information of upcoming activities and articles about past events. The following document discusses the results of a one-term waste audit of the Gazette in the spring 1997 term. The audit consists of the collection of data on remaining papers one week following publication from each drop-off location in addition to papers which are printed and never distributed to drop-off locations or department mailboxes. Meetings were set up with the Gazette Editor and also with Central Stores, which distrubutes the paper to collect information. In addition, data was collected on a weekly basis from each drop-off location to determine if the distribution of the Gazette was below, meeting or exceeding demand. Specific recommendations regarding distribution, in addition to data of the number of papers read per week from each drop-off location during the sampling period are included.

This document was prepared for ERS 285 -"Greening the Campus," a second year course taught by the Department of Environment & Resource Studies at the University of Waterloo. Our group completed a waste audit of the Gazette. Our findings indicate that a many Gazette drop-off locations receive a greater supply than in demanded and a number need papers redirected to them as they run out of Gazettes before the next publication. In addition, following the current distribution list nearly 3,000 surplus issues of the Gazette are published. About 1,300 are not distributed, and 1,500 are presumably distributed to department mailboxes in addition to the number assigned for each department.

This project is available for viewing by the UW community.

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