Not Another Green Week

Organized by WPIRG


This is an annual fall event organized by WPRIG and the Federation of Students. A variety of guest speakers and events focusing on "greening" are presented during a one week event. In fall 1991, Not Another "GREEN" Week was held in conjunction with the Canadian Unified Student Environmental Network annual meeting, which was hosted by UW students. The theme of the annual meeting was "Campus as a Biosphere: Re-evaluating our Education." The keynote speaker was Dr. David Orr, the originator of the "Campus as Biosphere" concept. Over 70 student delegates representing more than 30 universities and colleges exchanged experiences and ideas in workshops that looked at the campus as a biosphere. They discussed ways of making this "microcosm of the world" more sustainable in the areas of food, water, energy, landscape, materials management, cross-cultural education, and the classroom.

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