Greening the minds

by: Jennifer Tutt, Glynys Jones, Luke Fraser, Vicki Fountain, Heather Whitehouse

Course: ERS 285, 1997
Supervisor: Paul Kay


The Village is a student residence located within the University of Waterloo. The following project details the process of identifying whether a problem exists with the current Village I recycling program, the scope of this problem, and ways in which the problem can be lessened in order to have an effective recycling program. Processes of discovery included a visual waste audit conducted daily at random hours for a period of four weeks at Village I West Quads 1 through 6. Also, interviews were conducted with various key actors such as Custodians, Housemothers, the Village 1 Management, and Student Dons of the residence to obtain their views on the system.Lastly, students who lived at in the West Quads were surveyed to obtain their opinions on key issues.

Results suggested that there was in fact a problem with the Village I recycling system and that implementations could be inserted that would allow for greater effectiveness. The problem lay in the lack of recycling posters and brochures and their present proximity to the blue boxes which resulted in the students lack of recycling knowledge. Suggestions garnered included larger posters detailing what is recyclable put next to or above the recycling bins thus relieving the main problems.

This project is available for viewing by the UW community.

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