by: Lindsay Ayers, Jason Ryan, Dana Wilson, Lindsay Pyatt, Joanna Smedes, Joel Ziegler

Course: ERS 285, Summer, 1998
Supervisor: Professor Greg Michalenko


In 1963, the University of Waterloo purchased the North Campus property. At this time the area was primarily agricultural, with several small woodlots and residual hedgerows (Couture 1998). Noel Hynes, former chair of the Biology Department, requested that a pond be dug out in the North Campus area in 1968/1969. The purpose of this pond was to create a teaching resource for future biology studies (Duthie 1998).

The pond is located north of the Laurel Creek Woodlot where the water table is close to the surface (Couture 1998). The pond is 25m by 52m and is ellipse shaped . The surrounding land is a flat field with the exception of a steep slope located on the northwest side of the pond. The banks of the pond are also steep, which has prevented the establishment of aquatic vegetation (Duthie, 1998). Professor Duthie stated, " was assumed that the banks would eventually erode into a more natural state, but this has not happened..."(Duthie,1998). Carp are present in the pond and pose a problem because they contribute to the lack of vegetation and stir up the bottom sediments (Crossman, 1973). It is speculated that someone stocked the pond with carp from Laurel Creek at an unknown date.

A fence separates the field surrounding the pond from agricultural land, also owned by the University of Waterloo. Mr. Oscar Martin currently farms on the land, which he leases from the university. An access road is situated parallel to the fence on the same side as the farmer's field. The Region of Waterloo plans to turn this access road into an extension of Westmount in 2008 (Trushinski, 1998).

The Biology Department at the University of Waterloo suggested this project to WATgreen because they are interested in using the North Campus Pond for educational purposes. From WATgreen the project filtered down to our ERS 285 class. The overall purpose of this project is to determine the current state of the North Campus pond and develop an appropriate restoration plan for future implementation.


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