Environmental Education Assessment at the Ron Eydt Village

by: Jen Bocking, Dominique Grenier, Cara Humphrey, Natalie Langlois and Caridad Malebranche

Course: ERS 285, 1998
Supervisor: James Kay


"Our greatest challenge lies in rethinking what kind of education is appropriate for a species whose standards of success threaten its ecological foundations" (Eagan and Orr, 1992).

The above quote, by Eagan and Orr, implies that the human species threaten their ecological foundations while striving for success. In the busy daily life of university students living in residence, the environment and its connection to human actions may be easily overlooked. The university campus educates students on important environmental issues in order to continue along the path to a sustainable campus.

First, this project assessed what information was being given to students at Ron Eydt Village and who provided the information (see our system description for more information), in the context of the following environmental issues:

The five environmental issues that are involved in this study are transportation, energy efficiency and conservation, water conservation, waste and recycling, and noise. All five issues are presently issues of concern at the University of Waterloo. This was discovered through past ERS 285 projects, books and studies (See Background). These issues are relevant to the Ron Eydt Village residents and the students living there. These are issues that are affected by their level of knowledge, which gives them the choice to act or not act in environmentally appropriate ways or not. Student knowledge on these five issues was studied.

This project is available for viewing by the UW community.

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