Campus Tree Inventory '98

by: Rex J. Turgano, Catherine Galbrand, Tracey Latulippe, Krista Blackborow, Larissa Cherevaty, Cathy Hainsworth.

Course: ERS 285, 1998
Supervisor: James Kay


The purpose of performing a tree inventory is to provide the information necessary to enhance the University of Waterloo's social and ecological community, and determine a more sustainable land-use strategy. The campus has maintained a tree community since the construction of the institution in 1958.

The tree inventory provides detailed information on the tree species located on campus. This information will be useful to the Plant Operations Department in maintaining the campus urban forest. It will aid in the creation of a land-use strategy, which will provide a more sustainable tree community. A user-friendly database will then be the basis for a regularly up-dated inventory.

At the same time, we hope that the information will help us to discover the attributes that trees bring to the campus. We will research social (aesthetics, educational, spiritual), ecological (microclimate, habitat, pollution control), and economic functions of the urban forest on campus.

This project is available for viewing by the UW community.

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