Recycling began in the 1970's, and was institutionalized in 1991. The revenues for recycling fluctuate depending on the market for the recycling materials. The University collects and recycles fine paper, cans, plastic, glass, newsprint, boxboard, cardboard, old equipment and furniture and more. The student projects evaluate the effectiveness of the existing systems, and look at alternatives for new methods of recycling and reducing waste.

  • A Comparative Analysis of the Efficiencies of Residence Recycling Programs at the University of Waterloo (1991)
  • Recycling on Campus: final report (1991)
  • The Potential for Plastics Recycling on the University of Waterloo Campus (1994)
  • An Improved Recycling System for Residence (V1 &V2) (1994)
  • Recycling the Budget: Finding Recyclables in Waste (1996)
  • Recycling Education at the University of Waterloo (1996)
  • Recycling at Athletic Events (1997)
  • Recycling at Columbia Lake Townhouses (1997)
  • Recycling Awareness at the University of Waterloo (1999)
  • Recycling for On-Campus Residences (2001)
  • Recycling It Right; sorting it out at Beck Hall (2001)
  • Feasibility Analysis & Proposed Recycling Program Implementation for Private Multifamily Dwellings: Albert Gardens (2002)
  • Recycling at St. Jerome's University College (2003)
  • Recycling: More Than Just Awareness (2003)
  • Recycling at the Davis Centre (2003)
  • Recycling in Ron Eydt Residence (2003)
  • The Potential for An Outdoor Recycling Program (2003)
  • Recycling at the University of Waterloo: Trends and Associated Quality Issues Apr. 2004
  • The Recycling Program at the Centre for Environmental Information and Technology (EIT) (2004)

    Projects are available either on the world wide web or in the Dana Porter (Arts) Library, Special Collections.

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