Waste Management

Recycling and composting has been going on at the University since the 70's, not necessarily as environmental initiatives, but as wise methods of operation, often with students taking the leadership role. With bans on materials going to landfill, increased costs of tipping fees and garbage disposal, and the passing of Bill 143, The Waste Management Act, comes growing concern for the amount of waste produced on campus. The question is how to reduce our waste by 50% by the year 2000.

Recycling, composting, changing buying habits, and reducing waste provides the perfect setting for students to study and investigate potential solutions for the University to reduce its waste and operating costs. A number of substantial waste audits have been carried out by over 50 students and this has helped UW meet its obligations under Bill 143.

Projects are available either on the world wide web or in the Dana Porter (Arts) Library, Special Collections.

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